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Broad Spectrum Turfgrass Insecticide

  • Save your Green
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    For foliar and systemic insect control in turfgrass, including sod farms.

    • Wide window of applications, strong residual
    • Proven performer, Imidacloprid, provides excellent and long-lasting pest control
    • Low environmental impact
    • Low use rates for cost-efficient, highly effective control
    • Water-soluble packets simplify measuring and mixing
    Formulation 75% a.i. water-soluble pouches
    Active Ingredient Imidacloprid
    Same Active Ingredient As Merit® 75 WSP
    Packaging 4 x (4 x 45g) pouches/case
    (60 cases/pallet)
    88 x 45g pouches/mini drum
    (12 mini drums/pallet)
    Application Rates See label for specific uses and rates
    Mode of Action Systemic
    Group Group 4 Insecticide
    Storage Keep in original container, tightly closed, during storage. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area away from feed and foodstuffs, and out of the reach of children and animals. If frozen, allow to thaw and agitate thoroughly prior to use.




    Turfgrasses on home lawns, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, sod farms and golf courses


     For control of the larval stages of Japanese beetle, European chafer beetle and black turfgrass ataenius


     10 packets/1.2ha or 1 packet/1200m2


     For optimum control, make application prior to egg hatch of the target pest(s). Consult your local agricultural (horticultural) advisor for more specific information regarding timing of application.

    NOTE: For optimum control, irrigation or rainfall should occur within 24 hours after application to move the active ingredient through the thatch. On golf courses, irrigate treated areas following application. Avoid mowing turf or lawn area until after irrigation or rainfall has occurred so that uniformity of application will not be affected.

    Apply QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP Insecticide ONLY ONCE per year as directed by this label.


    To delay insecticide resistance: Where possible, rotate the use of QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP or other Group 4 insecticides with different groups that control the same pests in a field.


    QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP can be used for the control of soil-inhabiting life stages of European chafer beetle, Japanese beetle, and black turfgrass ataenius beetle. QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP can be used as directed on turfgrass in sites such as home lawns, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, golf courses, sod farms, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds and athletic fields.

     The active ingredient in QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP has sufficient residual activity so that applications can be made preceding the egg laying activity of the target pests. High levels of control can be achieved when applications are made preceding or during the egg laying period. The need for an application can be based on monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. Applications should be made prior to egg hatch of the target pests, followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall (5–10 mm) to move the active ingredient through the thatch. Avoid overwatering (more than 20mm). Avoid runoff or puddling of irrigation water following application.

    The treated turf area must be in such a condition that the rainfall or irrigation water will penetrate vertically into the soil profile, which will ensure an adequate distribution of the active ingredient. Avoid application of QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSP to turfgrass areas which are waterlogged or saturated, which will not allow penetration of the active ingredient into the plant root zone.

    La durée prévue du contrôle lorsqu’il est utilisé dans un programme préventif de lutte contre la maladie.