Trial Results: Effectiveness of INTAGLIO™ on Snow Mold

Sep 24 2018





It was a tough winter for golf courses in our area, but INTAGLIO allowed us to come through the winter in great condition. We were very pleased with the results.

-Kevin Harcourt,The Creek Golf Course in Leroy, SK

Specially developed to control snow mold in Canadian turf grasses, INTAGLIO™ launched in fall of 2017. With three active ingredients and multiple modes of action, the fungicide promises powerful, long-lasting protection in an easy-to-use, pre-mixed package.

Over the winter, Dr. Guillaume Grégoire, a researcher at Université Laval’s Centre of Research on Horticulture in Quebec, measured the new fungicide’s efficacy as compared to applications of competitor snow mold fungicides, as well as an untreated control.

Products were applied to 10 of the 11 trial plots on November 8, 2017. Dr. Grégoire’s team used hand-held sprayers with a spray volume of 8 L / 100 m2 for all applications. On April 23, 2018, his team uncovered the plots. What they found was very high disease pressure (87.5 per cent) on the untreated control plot and varying levels of disease control from the 10 trial products.


Photo Credit: Guillaume Grégoire, Université Laval

The most noteworthy treatments were fludioxonil/QP PPZ/Chlorothalonil at 7.5% disease pressure, QP Chlorothalonil/QP PPZ at 8.3% disease pressure, INTAGLIO at 10% disease pressure and INSTRATA, also at 10% disease pressure.

Image of grass left untreated

Photo Credit: Guillaume Grégoire, Université Laval

Image of Grass treated with INSTRATA

Treated with INSTRATA
Photo Credit: Guillaume Grégoire, Université Laval

Image of grass treated with INTAGLIO

Treated with INTAGLIO
Photo Credit: Guillaume Grégoire, Université Laval

“These plots were under snow cover from November 25, 2017 through April 23, 2018, for a total of 150 days — a very long time for a fungicide to be efficient,” said Dr. Grégoire. “Even under these conditions, INTAGLIO resulted in an excellent (> 90%) control of both grey and pink snow molds.”

Though the numbers are impressive, Dr. Grégoire cautions users to temper their expectations: the experimental green where he conducted the trial is rarely treated with fungicides and therefore doesn’t have the resistance issues that a typical golf course may have. If your golf course has resistance to certain active ingredients, you may see reduced efficacy when using products that contain those actives. However, a number of golf course superintendents that trialed INTAGLIO over winter 2017 reported similar findings as Dr. Grégoire. Says Ryan Scott at Innisbrook GC:

“INSTRATA® is a great product. I always trusted the outcome and never thought twice about an application. It was expensive, but we came out clean every single time. Most damage, if any, was minimal.

Intaglio has proven to be equally impressive at controlling snow mold. The application was made during ideal conditions, but the winter was anything but normal. One month of exposed turf after application, snow, exposed, snow, exposed. Turf is near mint at this point.

I took a chance using something different this winter. So far so good. Based on my experience to date I would gladly, and plan on using INTAGLIO again.”

While trial results are an important consideration for the prevention of grey or pink snow mold, every course is different, and a product that works for one golf course may not work for others. To choose the snow mold treatment that’s right for your turf grass, Dr. Grégoire recommends taking these three factors into account: product efficacy, chemistry rotation and price per area.

Image of Innisbrook Golf Course in February 2018. Treated with INTAGLIO in the fall.

Innisbrook Golf Course in February 2018. Treated with INTAGLIO in the fall.

To learn more about INTAGLIO, visit our product page or download the tech sheet.



Intaglio allowed us to open the golf course in the spring very quickly after the snow melt in excellent condition. Application was straight-forward and effective.

-Dennis Hicks from Coronach Golf Club in Coronach, SK

Intaglio performed very well for us and our greens looked great this spring when we uncovered them. The product was very easy to work with and apply.

-Rick Ector from Harbor Golf Club in Elbow, SK