Summer Patch

Summer patch affects multiple turfgrass species and can be especially devastating on golf greens with moderate to high levels of annual bluegrass.

Root infection can occur once soil temperatures exceed 18°C with visual symptoms only appearing in the summer months

During periods of severe heat and drought stress, summer patch symptoms will resemble clusters of small, circular rust-colored patches or spots in areas exposed to a lot of sun and — if left untreated — can expand and coalesce, ruining turf aesthetic.

Summer patch thrives when turfgrasses face severe heat and drought stress. Take steps to manage and minimize damage by relieving those stresses:

  • Increase cut height and use lightweight equipment on affected turf
  • Follow tactics to promote deep rooting
  • Practice deep, infrequent irrigation
  • Improve water drainage and air circulation in high-risk areas
  • Redirect traffic to minimize added stress and damage
  • Propiconazole 14.3 ME

    Propiconazole 14.3 ME


    Can be used at low rates to offer effective control over stubborn turf grass diseases with protective, curative and eradicant properties for long-lasting results.

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