PENDANT™ 50 WDG helps you maximize efficacy and investment in your snow mould management program with its strong disease control.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible fungicide for powerful control of Snow Mould and Brown Patch.
  • Long term control of Snow Mould. Research trails have shown excellent performance even after greater than 150 days of snow cover.
  • Highest ranking on Rutgers report – Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases 2020
  • Low use rate for Snow Mould – 15g 100 m2 of 1.5 kgs per ha.
  • 1 jug will treat 2 ha or 5 acres.


FRAC Group 12


3 kg jug (4 X 3 kg per case)

Active Ingredient


Same Active Ingredient As: Medallion®


Store in cool dry area away
from feed and foodstuffs.

Mode of Action

Contact fungicide, inhibits
spore germination, growth
and development.

Turf Types

All golf course related cool-season grasses, including bentgrasses, bluegrasses, fescue grasses, ryegrasses and their mixtures.

Application Rate

7.5–15 g per 100 m2

How it Works

Pendant 50 WDG is a protectant fungicide for control of the following turfgrass diseases: brown patch pink and gray snow moulds when used in an integrated, preventive disease management program.

Defeat Disease

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