Protect from a full range of pests with QUALI-PRO’s portfolio of proven actives.

  • Virtual PENDANT™ PRO Kit

    Virtual PENDANT™ PRO Kit


    Virtual PENDANT™ PRO Kits provide long-term pink and gray snow mould control with 140+ days of protection. It was developed in Canada for Canadian conditions to be the foundation of your snow mould management strategy.  

  • Propiconazole 14.3 ME

    Propiconazole 14.3 ME


    Can be used at low rates to offer effective control over stubborn turf grass diseases with protective, curative and eradicant properties for long-lasting results.

  • Chlorothalonil 720F

    Chlorothalonil 720F


    An economical, cost-effective, broad-spectrum disease control for grasses and labeled trees, shrubs and flowers.



    A flexible tank mix partner that has shown excellent performance even after 150+ days of snow cover, helping you maximize efficacy and investment in your snow mould management program.

  • Imidacloprid 0.5 G

    Imidacloprid 0.5 G


    For foliar and systemic insect control in turfgrass featuring low use rates, application flexibility and great value.

  • Imidacloprid 75 WSP

    Imidacloprid 75 WSP


    For foliar and systemic insect control in turfgrass, including sod farms.

  • T-Nex ME

    T-NEX® ME

    Growth Regulator

    A microemulsion concentrate used to manage growth and improve quality and stress tolerance of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses.

  • Foursome


    Spray Pattern Indicator

    FOURSOME™ is a unique, pigment additive formulation designed to enhance and extend the aesthetic appearance of your turf site following a pesticide application.

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