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A Flexible New Fungicide for Powerful Control of Snow Mould and Brown Patch

  • Save your Green
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    With a range of tank-mix options and proven efficacy, PENDANT™ 50 WDG is the foundation of an effective snow mould management program.

    • Ability to customize needed snow mould and disease control by tank mixing with other fungicides
    • Offers resistance management when tank mixed with other fungicides
    • In research trials,* provided excellent control of snow mould when used alone and in a tank mix
    • Recent field testing demonstrates control of snow mould even after more than 150 days of snow cover (according to 2018/2019 trials)

    Research Trial Results (Average of 14 trials completed in 2017-2019)



    PPZ: propiconazole, CHLOR: chlorothalonil
    * Average of 14 research trials conducted across the country over the course of 2 years (2017-2019)

    Packaging: 4 X 3 kg jugs per case; 36 cases per pallet

    Application Rates: 1 jug treats 5 acres, 1 case treats 20 acres at snow mould rate. See label for more information.

    Storage: Keep from freezing

  • Diseases & Application Rates

    Grey & Pink Snow Mold

    Apply PENDANT 50 WDG once in middle October to late November before snow cover. Do not apply on top of snow or when the temperature is below 0ºC. Do not apply more than 1 application per season.

    Dose Rate: 15 g/100 m2 (1.5 kg/ha).

    Brown Patch

    Begin applications when conditions are favourable for pathogen infection and prior to disease symptom expression. Do not make more than two consecutive applications of PENDANT 50 WDG or other Group 12 fungicides before alternating to a fungicide with a different mode of action.

    Dose Rate: 6-7.5 g/100 m2 (0.6-0.75 kg/ha) at 7-day intervals OR 15 g/100 m2 (1.5 kg/ha) at 14-day intervals.


    PENDANT 50 WDG is usually compatible with many commonly used fungicides, insecticides and foliar nutrient products. However, the physical compatibility of PENDANT 50 WDG with tank-mix partners should be tested before use if unknown. To determine the physical compatibility of PENDANT 50 WDG with other products, we recommend a jar test. Read all labels and follow the most stringent precautions of tank-mix products.



    PENDANT 50 WDG contains fludioxonil, a Group 12 fungicide. Any fungal population may contain individuals naturally resistant to PENDANT 50 WDG or other Group 12 fungicides. A gradual or total loss of pest control may occur over time if these fungicides are used repeatedly in the same fields. Other resistance mechanisms that are not linked to site of action but specific for individual chemicals, such as enhanced metabolism, may also exist. Appropriate resistance management strategies, such as tank mixing with other actives, are highly recommended.

    Always read and follow label directions.