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  • Trial Results: Effectiveness of INTAGLIO™ on Snow Mold

    It was a tough winter for golf courses in our area, but INTAGLIO allowed us to come through the winter in great condition. We were very pleased with the results. -Kevin Harcourt,The Creek Golf Course in Leroy, SK Specially developed to control snow mold in Canadian turf grasses, INTAGLIO™ launched…

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  • Controlling Pink and Grey Snow Mold in Turfgrasses

    Snow mold is one of the most prominent turfgrass diseases in Canada1. Commonly found in areas with heavy snowfall, the disease creates rings of discolouration as the roots, stems and leaves of infected grasses rot2. Though there are many types of snow molds, gray snow mold (a.k.a. Typhula blight or…

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  • Controlling White Grub in Turfgrasses

    The term grub refers to the larvae of various types of scarab beetles, and the most common types of white grubs include the larvae of European chafer, June beetle and Japanese beetle1. These are destructive turfgrass insects that, if not controlled, can cause significant damage to turf, such as wilting…

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  • Quali-Pro Appoints Residex Canada as Master Dealer

    Guelph, Ontario, Canada — Effective Feb 10, 2017, Quali-Pro Canada (Quali-Pro) has selected Residex Canada Inc. a subsidiary of Target Specialty Products, as the Master Dealer for Quali-Pro products in Canada. Quali-Pro, the turf health division of agri-chem company ADAMA Canada, specializes in off-patent chemicals primarily used by the golf…

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  • Chlorothalonil Re-Evaluation

    Quali-Pro would like to take this time to address the current issue surrounding the active ingredient Chlorothalonil. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently posted an amendment to the proposed re-evaluation decision regarding Chlorothalonil.If adopted, this could greatly restrict the use of Chlorothalonil in certain areas. Quali-Pro stands behind…

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  • Iprodione Re-Evaluation

    On March 17, 2016 Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) announced that they would be re-evaluating Iprodione. The evaluation takes into consideration the active ingredient’s usage in various crop systems. In the near future, this could result in the cancellation of the the ingredient on turf grass throughout Canada.…

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